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Unfurling in Spring

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Well it is about time, some might say. It isn’t from lack of trying or wanting that I did not post. It was just this inertia that took over. I have been thinking about posting as well as doing Yoga and painting for the whole time I have been away from this BLOG. Why such a slump? Is it a lump? What is it? Well as all of you know by now I moved back to the West Coast and just had to chill out before the Christmas hols. I thought for sure I’d jump right into gear come January but it was not to be. I attribute all this to a time of inner reflection, a need to simply BE, a sort of hibernation. Spring started and I started to unfurl. I was seeing things with different eyes; I’d look at trees and see them abstracted, I gawked at mansions and saw shapes, you get the drift! So once everything was finally unpacked I just got all my paint materials out and started again.

I’m working on six at the moment, just finished one yesterday. As with previous ones they happen to change in style as I go along. Some artists like to keep the same style on a project but my challenge is to do this whole project on one subject. The style is determined by the moment as I allow the creativity to unfold being influenced by the sun, the music that I have playing and my mood. I hope to post some photos soon.

I’m starting to think about exhibitions now so if any of you know galleries that should be showing this hook us up or contact me or let them contact me etc. Spread the word!


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March 29, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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