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Oct 19th was a great day for contemplation. I’ve been doing my asana practice with more calmness but it seems that the mind isn’t always happy with the results. There are bridge poses in yoga and perhaps due to doing some of these poses, I came to reflect on the fact that we are bridging 2 worlds – that which is going on in our minds (mental/spiritual) and that which is going on in our bodies (physical/material). I have always be fascinated & attracted to the idea of bridging these aspects of self (being in balance). Interestingly enough I am finding the balance poses challenging although with practice getting a bit better each time. My aim is to be and to remain more centered & my hope is that my yoga practice will keep me there.

Asanas focus on the physical for the most part but we can involve the mind by posing questions about the pose itself. If the mind flutters, we can do some mind watching; just being aware of where the mind drifts to. What about on a physical level, does what happens to the mind translate to what is happening in the body? Tension moving around as you move from one pose to another? Does the energy wane?

I’m looking forward to see what art is inspired by this reflection.


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October 20, 2010 at 5:50 pm

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