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Oct 7th, 2010

It is definitely fall in all its colored splendor.

I have been trying to motivate myself into doing more practice for conditioning while the main point of it all is for de-conditioning ourselves of all previous programming.  As the months go by I can’t help seeing the parallels between what is happening to me in my yoga asana practice and what is happening in my painting. Without intent, the technique and focus keep changing. Like when I am arching my back like a cat while gazing toward my navel or relaxing the back into a downward dog, I paint gazing at the canvas and flex and relax my hold on the paint brush. The image unfolds itself on the canvas to my great delight, most of the time. There are times, I have no clue where it is going and I may not even like the outcome but then I stand back and let it sit sometimes for a day or two and the next stage of the painting unfolds, looking nothing like the last time I looked. It looks like a completely different image. We need to be freeing our mind from distractions of the outside world and awaken ourselves to other possibilities. Here are some of my latest paintings. Now up to 25 of the 108!


Take Sides



Create a Future












Written by art prana

October 7, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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