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Unfurling in Spring

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Well it is about time, some might say. It isn’t from lack of trying or wanting that I did not post. It was just this inertia that took over. I have been thinking about posting as well as doing Yoga and painting for the whole time I have been away from this BLOG. Why such a slump? Is it a lump? What is it? Well as all of you know by now I moved back to the West Coast and just had to chill out before the Christmas hols. I thought for sure I’d jump right into gear come January but it was not to be. I attribute all this to a time of inner reflection, a need to simply BE, a sort of hibernation. Spring started and I started to unfurl. I was seeing things with different eyes; I’d look at trees and see them abstracted, I gawked at mansions and saw shapes, you get the drift! So once everything was finally unpacked I just got all my paint materials out and started again.

I’m working on six at the moment, just finished one yesterday. As with previous ones they happen to change in style as I go along. Some artists like to keep the same style on a project but my challenge is to do this whole project on one subject. The style is determined by the moment as I allow the creativity to unfold being influenced by the sun, the music that I have playing and my mood. I hope to post some photos soon.

I’m starting to think about exhibitions now so if any of you know galleries that should be showing this hook us up or contact me or let them contact me etc. Spread the word!


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March 29, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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Last post for the year!

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It has been a long while since my last post but then lots of things have been going on…..

First there has been a BIG move out to the West Coast. Let’s see what kind of yoga move would that correspond to? Hmmmm probably the Lotus position since it is commonly referred to as Lotus Land 🙂 So to make a long time shorter, our house sold and we needed to move out in 3 weeks. Yep, pack everything and arrange things on the other end and everything so you can see why I haven’t posted. Once we arrived here well there were things to do like actually start things about Christmas and just getting use to the new location and finding out where to go shopping for food and where the nearest recreational places were (like yoga place and of course the pub)! We found a short-term rental till we find a more permanent location which is a story in itself.

We landed in this great little English cottage in a superb neighbourhood. I started taking in the area with its craggy old giant Garry Oak trees and meandering lanes and roads. While this time was supposed to be one of just rest and recharge I kept feeling lost and agitated. For one thing I don’t have access to my beloved Mac (it is in storage) so I have to wait till hubby gets off his work computer so I can scour it for my personal use. As I was walking in what seems Fantasy Land around here I started asking why it was so difficult to just relax? And then it came to me. The same connection could be made with the Corpse pose. It looks to be the simplest yet many people can’t or don’t really let go when they are in that pose. The mind starts to drift and the legs  or arms start fidgeting or the nose feels itchy or whatever. Practice makes perfect they say….so I kept walking and resting day after day trying not to let my mind wander and it …..started working!

Christmas was BLISS and I am now looking forward to New Year’s. 2010 has been a transitional year for me and I look forward to seeing what 2011 brings. I will start the painting again in the new year as I get new paint materials (since all of mine are packed up in storage).

Blessings to all of you out there.

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December 28, 2010 at 11:19 pm


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Oct 19th was a great day for contemplation. I’ve been doing my asana practice with more calmness but it seems that the mind isn’t always happy with the results. There are bridge poses in yoga and perhaps due to doing some of these poses, I came to reflect on the fact that we are bridging 2 worlds – that which is going on in our minds (mental/spiritual) and that which is going on in our bodies (physical/material). I have always be fascinated & attracted to the idea of bridging these aspects of self (being in balance). Interestingly enough I am finding the balance poses challenging although with practice getting a bit better each time. My aim is to be and to remain more centered & my hope is that my yoga practice will keep me there.

Asanas focus on the physical for the most part but we can involve the mind by posing questions about the pose itself. If the mind flutters, we can do some mind watching; just being aware of where the mind drifts to. What about on a physical level, does what happens to the mind translate to what is happening in the body? Tension moving around as you move from one pose to another? Does the energy wane?

I’m looking forward to see what art is inspired by this reflection.

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October 20, 2010 at 5:50 pm

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Healing Mudras

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Picked up a great modern/old book called Healing Mudras (Yoga for your Hands) by Sabrina Mesko. It looks like something from the 70s but actually published in 2000. Sabrina is in all the photos and decked out in far out clothing, makeup and hairdos but great mudras and explanations. There are mudras for strong nerves, preventing stress, dieting, inner security, prosperity and many more. Worth a look!

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October 20, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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You are already the way you are meant to be!

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Oct 7th, 2010

It is definitely fall in all its colored splendor.

I have been trying to motivate myself into doing more practice for conditioning while the main point of it all is for de-conditioning ourselves of all previous programming.  As the months go by I can’t help seeing the parallels between what is happening to me in my yoga asana practice and what is happening in my painting. Without intent, the technique and focus keep changing. Like when I am arching my back like a cat while gazing toward my navel or relaxing the back into a downward dog, I paint gazing at the canvas and flex and relax my hold on the paint brush. The image unfolds itself on the canvas to my great delight, most of the time. There are times, I have no clue where it is going and I may not even like the outcome but then I stand back and let it sit sometimes for a day or two and the next stage of the painting unfolds, looking nothing like the last time I looked. It looks like a completely different image. We need to be freeing our mind from distractions of the outside world and awaken ourselves to other possibilities. Here are some of my latest paintings. Now up to 25 of the 108!


Take Sides



Create a Future











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October 7, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Famous Yoga Teacher likes painting she inspired!

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I wrote a short to Sadie Nardini – the well-known Yoga teacher about she inspiring one of the paintings that I did back in June (check below) and she promptly replied the following:

Hi there…love it!  I’m honored.

Thanks for muse-ifying me. Makes my day;)


She gives excellent tips on  yoga. Check her out on YouTube .

Sadie Nardini Inspired

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September 20, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Sept 17th “Fall”

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Finally I’m back to painting and doing more practice. I had reached the point of practicing 4 days a week for 45-60 minutes and then……I reached a plateau. I couldn’t motivate myself to move into the poses or even do any art for that matter. My eldest son came to visit and was enthusiastic to see this new series and after much discussion I am inspired once again. I just completed one this morning that I am sharing with you here. Again it is of a slightly different style. I wanted to show some depth and added texture. Namaste.

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September 17, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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